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The knight is one of the three options the player can choose at the start of the game. The knight will have a 5% more block rate than normal. The knight is also 1of the five sword classes to choose from.

Sword ClassesEdit

Class Name Skill Level Bonuses Image
Knight Skill level 1 +5% Sword Block


Warder Skill level 10

+5 Max Energy

+8% Sword Block



Sword Saint

Skill level 20

+10 Max Energy

+10 Max Sp

+12% Sword Block

Sword Saint

Sword Saint

Dragon Slayer Skill level 40

+15 Max Energy

+10 Max Sp

+16% Sword Block

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Devil Slayer Skill level 60

+25 Max Energy

+100 Max Sp

+20% Sword Block

Devil Slayer

Devil Slayer

Divine Blade Skill level 90

+40 Max Energy

+200 Max Sp

+24% Sword Block


Divine Blade

Sword skillsEdit

Skill Name Skill Lvl Intel
Lightning Blade 1 6
Cross Slash 3 6
Return Blade 6 7
Whirlwind 9 7
Guard 12 8
Sword Dance 16 8
Flower Blade 21 9
Rain Dance 26 10
Eternal Blade 32 11
Zodiac 38 12
Dark Side of the Moon 45 12
Banish Dance(Requires Devil Slayer Class) 60 12

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