The Wiseman

The Wiseman is an NPC randomly encountered during exploration. When encountered, the player can choose to fight him, talk to him, or attempt to answer a trivia question. He is loosely based on Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.



When the option fight is chosen, the Wiseman will be attackable. He is one level above the player's level.


If the player chooses (by clicking accept) to talk to him, the player will get experience and coins.

Reactions (found from all social networks):

  • You suddenly realized that you made a fool of yourself. The Wiseman found you entertaining and compensated for your time.
  • You started talking to the Wiseman. However, you did not understand anything he is saying and did not know how to respond, so you just nodded your head... After a while you walked away, embarassed.
  • Time has passed. The wise man reluctantly agrees with you, though you can tell that he didn't like your company much.
  • Time has passed. You convinced the Wiseman that his thoughts were wrong. He was pleased with your company and compensated you for your time.

Which reaction you get depends on your intelligence stat. The more intelligence, usually the better the Reaction will be for you.


By choosing the option Trivia you'll get a random question that you can answer. Answering it correctly yields you experience and coins.

The answers to many of the trivia questions can be found at, though searching on Google (or other search engines) is the method used by most players.

When the "hint" letters are in lower case, Wikipedia is considered the authority -- even if Wikipedia is wrong.

When the "catagory" is called "utterly stupid trivia" it's usually a riddle and can't be found in search engines. It's time to have an eight year old child handy, or kill off the Wiseman to teach him some wisdom again.


  • Normal Attack (~ 100 - 300 damage)
  • Knowledge (~ 250 - 600 damage)
  • Book of Wisdom (~ 600 - 850 damage)
  • Retreat Teleport


"You dare to challenge me?"

Possible answersEdit

For additional question and answers, see SigmundFreud's The Wiseman.

A depilatory is a substance used for removing ? (Hint: H ___) Hair
A medicine that hastens the emptying of the bowels is called a ______. ? (Hint: l_______) Laxitive
all of the clocks in what movie are stuck on 4:20(hint P___ F____) ? Pulp Fiction
As pretty as a ? (Hint: P_______) Picture
Crime stories: the most famous lawyer/sleuth? Perry Mason
cyberpunk: bionic enhancement which allows user to manipulate any voice or sound ? silver tongue
definition: Something to which one is entitled by birth? Birthright
Ethanoic (or acetic) acid is the major constituent of which everyday condiment? (Hint: v______) vinegar
Football: Chicago ___ ? (Hint: B__) Bears
Halifax is the capital of which Canadian province? (Hint: N___ S_____) Nova Scotia
He said, "I have nothing to offer but blood, tears, toil and sweat." ? Sir Winston Churchill
He visited Australia and New Zealand, then surveyed the Pacific Coast of North America. ? Vincent
He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1915-1919, and known as The Pottawatomie Giant ? Jess Willard
He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1952-1956, and known as The Brockton Blockbuster ? (Hint: R____ M_______) Rocky Marciano
His films include: Giant, Written on the Wind, and A Farewell to Arms. ? Rock HIlton
His films include: Giant, Written on the Wind, and A Farewell to Arms ? Rock Hilton
How many children did noah have? three
How many old pennies made one guinea? 252
How many pints are there in a quart? Two
How many tentacles does a squid have? ten
In 1902, this volcano erupted, killing 30,000. ? (Hint: P____) Pelee
in 1903 lawrence____________ bandleader, bubble maker, born.? (Hint: w___) Welk
In a church, the main section extending from the entrance to the crossing? (Hint: n____) Nave
In an average lifetime, the average American eats 316 ____? (hint: j_______ a________) jonathan apples
In the film "Bright Eyes", Shirley Temple sang about this boat. ? (Hint: T__ G___ S___ L_______) The Good Ship Lollipop
In the United States at the turn of the century there were how many states (numerical)? (Hint: f_____ f___) Fifty Five
In what country do people speak the Language they call Nihongo ? Japan
In what country is the Waterloo battlefield? (Hint: B______) Belgium
In which series did linda evans, a star of dynasty, first appear ? Big Vista
John phillip - versatile actor appearing in 'the sergeant' and 'barbarella'? Law
Juliette Binoche won an academy award for best supporting role in which film? (Hint: E______ P______) English Patient
Liaison is a form of? (Hint: i_________________) intercommunication
music : 60's chart toppers: name the artist: laugh, laugh? The Beau Bomellis
music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: come saturday morning? (Hint: s_________) Sandpipers
music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: when you're hot, you're hot? (Hint: j____ r___) Jerry Reed
music : 90's chart toppers: name the artist: mmmbop? hanson
Name the heaviest flying bird of prey. (Hint: c_____) condor
Name the second largest country in africa ? Algeria
Name the year: charles dickens, author, dies in england ? 1870
Name the year: eleventh space shuttle mission - challenger 5 is launched.? 1983
NCAA: mvp "men's basketball championship" game in 1946? (Hint: b__ k______) Bob Kurland
of what do earthworms have 5? Hearts
(paraphrased) San andreas fault shifts 5 cm/2 years how many years till LA reaches the latitude of San Francisco? 10 Million Years
St. Bernard the patron saint of ______ ? Saints
successful recording artist, talented landscape artist, and author of children's books? Ricky Van Shelton
The belcher islands are in this bay? Hudson
The fins of which fish are made into a soup? (Hint: s____) shark
The koala bear eats the leaves from this tree. (Hint: e_________) eucalyptus
The only place in the world where one can see the sun rise on the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic is in which country? Paraguay actually Panama
This is the choice and arrangement of words and phrases in a literary work. It is the vocabulary that the author, poet or playwright uses to create style and effect in a piece of writing? (Hint: d______) diction
This is the Southeast Asian method of dying fabric using wax to create designs ? Batic
This Roman killed himself after his defeat at Actium. ? (Hint: M___ A_____) Mark Antony
Traditional economic theory has assumed that the typical firm has a single objective, namely to ______? (Hint: m_______ i__ p______) Maximise its profits
Vaduz is the capital of ______? (Hint: L____________) Liechtenstein
What 1983 mini series won barbara stanwyck an emmy ? The Thorn Books
What actress played nancy drew in the hardy boys mysteries series ? Pamela Sue Martin
What animal's milk is more than 54% fat? (Hint: h_______ w____) Answer is Humpback Whale
What country is Neil Young from ? Chile
What country was once known as 'The Breadbasket of Russia'? (Hint: U______) Ukraine
What does the name Dan mean ? Guard
What is a marsupium ? Platapus
What is a 'somnambulist'? Sleepwalker
What is another word for consumption ? Tuberculosis
What is name of the city that is also known as Beantown ? Boston
what is the captal city of lithuania? (Hint: v______) Vilnius
What is the capital of Colorado? Denver
What is the capital of Saint Lucia? Castries
What is the covering on the tip of a shoelace called ? Aglet
what is the feeling of having previously experienced something? (Hint: d___ v_) deja vu
what is the highest par the usga will let you place on a golf hole? (Hint: s__) six
what's the middle name of richard m nixon? (Hint: m______) Milhouse
What is the name of the balloon which circumnavigated the earth in 1999? Breitling Orbiter 3
What is the name of the large natural landmark in northern Australia also known as Uluru? (Hint: A____ R___) Ayers Rock
What is the south african word for theater? basaria
What is the study of insects called ? Entomology
What is the study of plants called ? Botany
What is the term for the path followed a by a small body around a massive body in space ? Orbit
What is the most frequently seen comet? (Hint: E_____) Encke
What is the treatment of disease by various approaches ? Therapy
what kind of creatures are flex & torsion on fraggle rock? (Hint: d______) Doozers
what kind of margarine says 'butter'? (Hint: p_____) parkay
what movie starred dick powell and was about a murdered german shepherd? You Never Can Tell
What name did basco eventually adopt as it's own? Bose
What nationality is Bjork? (Hint: I_____) Icelandic
what one word may be added to news, carbon and wall? (Hint: p____) paper
What organ is a nephrologist concerned with ? Kidney
What percent of forest fire damage is caused by lightning? Eighty Five Percent
What statuette is awarded annually for the best television commercial? Clio
What substance was first used as an eraser, hence its name ? Rubber
What trophy is awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs ? Stanley cup
What very lightweight wood is often used for rafts & model aeroplanes ? Balsa
what was the #3 movie (1983) to the end of 1988 with 168 million gross? (Hint: r_____ o_ t__ j___) return of the jedi
What word links hate, name, shop ? Path
what's the international radio code word for the letter e? echo
what's the international radio code word for the letter v? victor
What's the only community-owned franchise in the nfl? The Panthers
Where is the Admirality Arch? London
Where is the Machu Picchu ? Peru
Where were sherlock holmes' rooms? Baker Stones
Where were the 1960 Olympics held ? Italy
Where were the Olympics held in 1944 ? Germany
Which country has the most emigrants? (Hint: M_____) Mexico
Which is the most sensitive finger ? forefinger
Which is the only position in soccer allowed to handle the ball ? Goalkeeper
Which King George was Georgian Bay named for? (Hint: K___ G_____ i_) King George iv
Which meteor shower occurs on the 21st April? (Hint: L_____) Lyrids
Which novel by Mary Shelley was subtitled 'The Modern Prometheus'? Frankenstein
Which order of monks are known as 'greyfriars'? (hint: f________) Franciscan
Which pacific island group significant in the development of biology contains the islands isabella, san cristobel and santa cruz ? Galapagos
which planet is named after the god of the sea? (Hint: n______) Neptune
which tree only produces acorns after it is fifty years old? Oak
Who beat captain robert scott in the race to the south pole in 1912? Ronald Albertson
Who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun? Henry Charles
Who forced 146 captured british officers into the black hole of calcutta ? India Troops
Who invented the most common projection for world maps? (Hint: G_______ M_______) Gerardus Mercator
Who is a regular columnist at 60 minutes ? andy robert
Who is Mark Feld also known as ? Mark Bolan
Who is recognized as the father of geometry? (Hint: E_____) Euclid
Who is the lead vocalist of U2? (Hint: B___) Bono
Who lost her sheep? Little Bo Peep
Who ordered the persecution of the Christians in which Peter and Paul died ? Nero
Who said: "Let them eat cake"? Marie Antoinette
Who shot down indy and his father? indy's father
Who was Barney Rubble's best friend? (Hint F____ F____) ? Fred Flintstone
Who was Chief Marshall of the Mickey Mouse Club? (Hint: W___ D_____) Walt Disney
Who was King Arthur's foster-father? (Hint: E____ ) Ector
Who was Svetlana Aliluyevas father? Joseph Stalin
who was the first canadian to top us album charts in the 1980's? (Hint: d_______) diamonds
Who was the first cartoon talking picture ? SNOW WHITE
Who was the human companion of Willow? Madmartigan
who was the prime minster of britain at the start of the war? Neville Chamberlain
Who was the sexy star of Barberella? (Hint: J___ F____) Jane Fonda
Who wrote Dracula ? Bram Stoker
Who wrote the novel that the play "Les Miserables" is based on? Vincent Hages
Who wrote 'The Starry Messenger'? (Hint: G______) Galileo
Whose piece of sculpture was the 'lobster telephone'? (Hint: s_______ d___)

Salvador Dali

according to a beatle song, whose prescriptions can make you better? (Hint: d_____ r______) dr roberts
if i were to decorate my home in this manner (masks, jack-o'-lanterns) and with these colors (black, orange), i would be celebrating:? (Hint: s______) samhain