The Dust Merchant is an NPC randomly encountered during exploration. When encountered, the player can choose to fight her or trade with her. When the option fight is chosen, the Dust Merchant will be attackable. She is one level above the player's level. If the player chooses (by clicking accept) to trade with her, she will give the player fairy dust in exchange for half of the price from the store. She used to give useless wood dust but that was changed in an update. Now she always gives Fairy Dusts.



  • Normal Attack (~ 50 - 175 damage)
  • Sale Tactics (~ 200 - 400 damage)
  • Devil Dusts (~ 500 - 680 damage)


"Greetings <class>, I have a proposition for you. You see, I have lost all my goods and can't travel home. However, I have some valuable dusts on me. I am willing to share some with you for a small fee." - Her Offer

"Wait no! okay... you asked for it!"

*Poof* the merchant disappears! - when defeated