Side Quests are quests received from characters in town which are not required to advance in game. Except for The Last Letter, they can all be repeated for additional rewards of coins or items and experience. Note that level-scaled experience is always given as a quest reward.

Side quests do not have actual level requirements, but their availability depends on being able to access new areas, which in turn has a level requirement, reflected in the table below.

Side QuestsEdit

Name Location Questgiver Level Reward Task Repeatable?
The Last Letter Lakeview Elder Ciana, healer 6 Scaled equipment Deliver a message to Instructor Logan in Junkton, then deliver a message to Elder Ciana in Lakeview No
Daily Dreamer Lakeview Uncle Bob, weapon seller 6 AttackRing Attack Ring/coins Log in 5 consecutive days. Yes
Dream Stones Lakeview Chief Leana, town leader 6 Scaled equipment Send 5 dream stones to your friends.~ Yes
Rat Stew Junkton Joe, weapon seller 6 Coins Find 12 rat tails. Yes
Dream Guild Junkton Sheriff Graham, town ledaer 6 GuildRing Guild Ring/coins Join a guild. Yes (must not currently be in a guild to restart)
Magic Charm Emerald City Nurse Betty, healer 11 Random equipment Find 8 boar tusks, collect the charm from the healer, then beat 20 thieves. Yes
Extra Credit Emerald City Professor X, trainer 11 EnergyRing Energy Ring/coins Defeat the Gambler 5 times, then defeat the Dust Merchant 5 times. Yes
Crystals! Emerald City Emerald Princess, town leader 11 Scaled equipment Trade 5 sets of crystals. Yes
Enhancing Items Oceana Doctor Suthers, healer 21 Mystery Box/exp 10 successful enhancements. Yes
Lost Relic Oceana Librarian Angelia, trainer 21 Scaled equipment Find the 'Lost Relic' in treasure chests in Oceana. Yes
Salvage the Robots Metreon Weapons Dealer, weapon seller 26 Scaled equipment Find 20 robot parts. Yes
Mind Training Metreon Maximus, trainer 26

MagicRing Magic Ring


Solve 10 puzzle boxes, then talk to the Wiseman 5 times. Yes
Rebel's Schematics Metreon Governor Neo, town leader 26 Coins Find the Robot Schematics in the Robot Factory, then collect parts from Scorptrons. Yes
Harvester Phoenix Armors Keeper, armor seller 36 Coins Find 20 cactus skins. Yes
A Lost Puppy Phoenix Sgt Pepper, trainer 36 Random equipment Find Sgt.'s Puppy in Phoenix, then kill 30 aliens. Yes
Dragon Fangs Mount Killjoy Weapon Merchant, weapon shop 46 Random equipment Find 25 dragon fangs. Yes
Dragon Scales Mount Killjoy Armor Merchant, armor shop 46 Coins Find 10 dragon scales. Yes
Demon Slayer Mount Killjoy Master Williams, trainer 51 DemonRing Demon Ring/coins Open 3 regular Demon Gates, then open a Demon Gate with an orb. Yes
The Challenge Lakeview Chief Leana, town leader 51 SkillRing Skill Ring/coins Defeat all town leaders. Yes
Possessed Bosses Junkton Sheriff Graham, town leader 51 Mystery Box/exp Defeat 10 possessed bosses. Yes
Ship Fragments Phoenix Mayor Nelson, town leader 56 Mystery Box/exp Collect 12 fragments from the Alien Mothership. Yes
Dangerous Mines Mount Killjoy Master Tang, healer 61 Enhance Potion/exp Defeat 10 mystic mine bosses by contributing 10%+ damage.* Yes
Arena Business Lakeview Elder Ciana, healer EnchantPotionEnhance Potion/exp Defeat 20 opponents in the Monster Arena. Yes
Evil Queen Emerald City Emerald Princess, town leader 66 ElfRing Elf Ring/coins Defeat Neocorn King, Crystal Lord, Elderonoak and Queen Haderon by contributing at least 10% damage to each. Yes
Isendel Trophy Metreon Governor Neo, town leader. 66 Mystery Box/exp Defeat 12 Isendel bosses by contributing at least 10% damage to each. Yes
Mystic Warrior Metreon Autodoc, healer. 71 Mystery Box/exp Attack 7 unique Mystic Wonders.


Faction Wars Junkton  Logan, trainer 73 Mystery Box/exp Attack and deal damage to 20 Mobile Fortresses in Faction Wars Yes
Disturbing Waters Oceana Mr. Whale, armor shop. 88 EnchantPotionEnhance Potion/exp Deal 100M damage to a newly reincarnated Poseidon. Yes
Atonement for Hell Oceana Mr. Shark, weapon shop 92 Mystery Box/exp Defeat 10 Hell bosses by contributing 10%+ damage. Yes

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