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Rings are items you can get from side quests in the game.

You can equip only one of them at any one time.

Icon Name Lvl. Req. Equip Bonus Quest
Attackring Attack Ring 6+ all damages +5% Daily Dreamer
GuildRing Guild Ring 6+ max skill points +25 Dream Guild
Energyring Energy Ring 11+ max energy + 5 Extra Credit
Magicring Magic Ring 26+ +6 Intelligence
magic damage +6%
Mind Training
Skill Ring Skill ring 51+ max skill points +100 The Challenge
Demon Ring *Demon Ring 51+ max energy +12

and opens Alien Portals

Demon Slayer
9007 Alien Ring 66+ all damages +15%

Alien Invasion drop
Mystery Box drop

Black Market

9008 *Crystal Ring 66+ max energy +25

Used to reach Isendel

Mystery Box drop

Black Market

ElfRing Elf Ring 76+ all damages +20%

Evil Queen

Black Market

9010 Orc Ring 82+ max energy +50

Mystery Box drop

Black Market

9011 Drow Ring 90+ all damages +25%

Mystery Box drop

Black Market

9012-1- Dream World Ring 93+ all damages +30%

Mystery Box drop

Black Market

Positron ring Positron Ring 95+ max energy +100 Mystery Box drop

Black Market

Devil ring Devil Ring 98+ all damages +35%

Mystery Box drop
Hell 6 Boss drop

Black Market

Arena ring

Arena Ring 60+ all damages +40%
God Ring
God Ring 106+ all damages +45% Mystery Box drop

  • Demon Ring note, this ring can be used once per 24 hours to open Alien Portals at a cost of 2 constitution points each time.
  • Crystal Ring note, this ring can gain access to Isendel without have to spend coin each time at a cost of 5 energy per use. Crystal Ring can be used unlimitedly as long as you have the energy.
  • Only the Demon and Crystal rings are known to be used to access areas.
  • Arena Ring, you also need to have 10+ cards to compete in King of Duels


  • Notice that the Attack Ring gives +5% melee, +5% gun and +5% magic damage. The Magic Ring on the other hand grants you +6% magic damage and +6 int. Depending on your playstyle, one ring may be more preferable than the other. The +5% magic damage number does NOT show up in your magic power number, so be sure to boost the magic power number by 5% when comparing which ring is better. In general the +damage rings are better except very early in the game when you have few int points and the +6 is significant.
  • The Magic ring provides a larger boost to maximum skill points compared to the Skill ring if you have 95+ sword skill or 95+ gun skill or 48+ magic skill or 24+/24+/24+ skills in all 3 areas.
  • Equip the Magic ring before filling skill points, then switch back to a damage ring.
  • Equip rings that raise your maximum energy before logging off the game or refilling with gems. Once your energy is maxed, you can equip your favored ring and still keep the energy overage. This also works with the skill point rings before using dusts.
  • Note: Positron Ring now drops at level 97 from mystery boxes instead of level 98 as previously reported. They are available in th the black market at level 95. 

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