To doEdit

  • Find Rebel's Robot Schematics in the Robot Factory (from Treasure Chest).
  • Return to Governor Neo
  • Kill 20 scorptrons
  • Return to Governor Neo

After turning in the schematics:Edit

Governor Neo "Thank you for saving the Dream World, PuzzleMage. Please enjoy your stay in Metreon."

"Let's take a look, hmm, I think we can build special bot to neutralize the Scorptrons, but may need some of their parts to do it. Please defeat 20 Scorptrons and bring me back their parts."

! Scorptrons are at Building 1 in the Rebels HQ


...Graviton discharger of agility +3

395,559,838 experience

0 coins


This quest is repeatable, so you can start it again if you have finished it before