While you explore the wilderness you can come across various types of encounters and puzzles.

Monsters and VillainsEdit

Dungeons and wilderness are filled with vicious animals, monsters, and evil villains that will try to stop you. Fight them to earn coins and experience.

Puzzle Box and Treasure Chests Edit

There are many different puzzle boxes and treasure chests that you will find during your adventuring that will require solving a puzzle or answering a question before you can open them.


There are a couple of NPC questers also in the wilderness and dungeons, they are likely to offer you a quest if you come across them. If you have a quest from a quester not completed, you won't run into that quester until you complete the quest or remove it.


You can find special allies that can join you in your quests. They earn the experience from fights. They have special skills that can be unlocked as well when they reach certain level. Allies have a happiness rating that affects their performance as well that will decrease when you run away from the battle or do not log back in more than 24 hours. You can however, easily increase their happiness back to 100% by bonding with them by visiting the "Ally" tab in the "Character" menu


The NPC would offer the adventurer an item in exchange of coins or gems.

Special EncountersEdit

Special encounters There are many other special encounters and NPCs you will come across in your adventure. Make sure you try them all.

Common SuggestionsEdit

  • Have random encounters when travelling from town to town (travelling will cost one energy); these random encounters depends on the type of travel and distance between these towns

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