Demon Captain 2

Demon Captain, the third possessed boss, found in the Forest Area at Emerald City.

In the level 51+ areas on the mainland you can encounter the bosses of these areas, which have been possessed by demons. These possessed bosses are always three levels higher than you, and their hit points scale accordingly. They also have extremely powerful attacks that can cause over 10,000 damage in one hit.

The reward for defeating a possessed boss is either a mystery box or enchant potion, making them worthy targets to hunt.

Unlike other bosses, these bosses appear randomly in the dungeons and disappear after each fight, meaning the dreamer must defeat them within a single encounter. They also take coins from you if you lose to them. It is recommended that you carry at least three bags of Fairy dust with you when adventuring in these areas, if you want to have any chance of defeating these bosses. Ability to heal yourself is also a must. For this reason, players who use guns (such as Starshooters) will not be able to defeat them, because they only have the Aim ability, and can only heal themselves via healing potions.

The table below lists all the possessed bosses, their minimum level, and where they may be encountered. Note that you can encounter all bosses in all parts of their respective areas, for example you could encounter the Lake Demon in the first part of the Marsh when you are level 51. However, they do seem to appear more commonly in the more difficult parts of their areas (for the Lake Demon, levels 54 and 55).

Name Level Area Dungeon
The Lake Demon 51+ Lakeview The Marsh
The Rat Demon 56+ Junkton The Sewers
Demon Captain 61+ Emerald City The Forest
Demon Leader 66+ Emerald City Thief Hideout
Demon Whale 71+ Oceana The Beach
Demon H1N1 76+ Metreon Robot Factory
Demon Senator 81+ Metreon Rebel HQ
Demon Sandworm 86+ Phoenix The Desert
Demon Jawba 91+ Phoenix Base 13
Demon Dragon 96+ Mt. Killjoy Volcanic Cavern

There are no reports yet of encountering all of the bosses, thus some of their exact names are not known.

Boss HP is 200,000 at level 54 and rises by 50,000 every level.

Sheriff Graham gives out a mission to kill ten of these possessed bosses for a reward.

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