Nahazir is the boss encountered in an Alien Portal after defeating 99 other aliens. Extremely powerful foe and it will take multiple attacks from high-level guild members. Adding to the difficulty is that there is a time limit of 24 hours for completing the portal. If Nahazir is not defeated within this time, the portal closes without any rewards.

Skills ListEdit

  • Normal Attack (~2000-2500 damage at Level 66, scaling to ~3500-4500 damage at Level 63)
  • Head Bite (~5500-6000 damage at Level 66, scaling to ~10500-11500 damage at Level 63)
  • Black Hole (~14000-15000 damage at Level 66, scaling to ~29500-30500 damage at Level 63)
  • Counter Spell: "Your opponent used a counterspell and immediately cancels your [guard/shield/aim]"


  • Store your coins in the bank or donate to your guild, and since you have no coins to take, the Guardian heals you for free when you are defeated.
  • Your inventory is not visible during battle, but you can still use items by accessing the inventory tab, or by using the number key shortcuts (1-5).
  • If you cannot heal, keep a mixture of fairy dust and health potions in your inventory and bank during battle to avoid defeats and save energy.
  • If the timer on the portal runs out while fighting, you can keep fighting until you win or are defeated, meaning you can complete the portal after the deadline.
  • If you do not have a premium ally, watch your ally's happiness!
  • Do not try to defeat her by yourself unless your level is at least 68, preferably higher!


  • The player who opened the portal receives a level 68 Alien weapon or Alien armor.
  • The player (other than above) that dealt the most damage to the boss also receives a level 68 Alien weapon or armor.
  • The next four players (other than above) who dealt the most damage to the boss receive level 64-67 Alien weapons or armors.
  • Remaining players receive coins based on amount of damage dealt.
  • Everyone who damaged the boss receives 9250 experience for each point of damage.
  • Item rewards may be enchanted depending on how quickly the portal is completed. Less than 30 minutes gives items with 7 enchantments, less than an hour gives items with 6 enchantments, and so on.

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