Mormo can be seen at level 92 and is the boss of Hell 3 which is located in Isendel. As soon as they are 100% raged, he has 800,000,000 HP (800 million). To get an item, you must get over 10% damage on them, which equals 80,000,000 damage (80 million).

Attacks Edit

The amount of damage done depends on the player's physical defense.

  • Poison Webs: 146706 - 152719 damage points (with drow gear)
  •  ??

Drops Edit

  • The item rewards are Positron weapons or armor. To get an item as a reward you will need to do at least 10% (80 million) damage.
  • The coin rewards for those who don't get an item are 40 coins per point of damage.
  • 110,000 exp per point of damage
  • Gives 4 mystic stones if killed during build phase of Mystic Wars

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