The Monster Arena is found at Lakeview and it is here you can fight monsters unique to only this arena.

Arena PassesEdit

Entrance to the Monster Arena requires an Arena Pass. Arena Passes are a one time use only and are not refunded upon defeat in the arena, so prepare yourself properly before entering the arena. Arena Passes can be gather from chests (2% chance to drop) and Mystery Boxes (5% chance to drop).

Monster ListEdit

Monsters’ difficulty and levels are based on player’s level.

Round Name Level Reward
item MA points
1 Time Bunny 60 Mist Potion
2 Demon Hunter 62 Fairy Dust
3 Lake Demon 64 Thunder Key
4 Alcon Blade 68 Guardian Doll
5 Lady Slicealot 74 Ally Skill Book
6 Morilith 80 Enhance Potion
7 Demon Jawba 86 Enhance Potion 1
8 Frozen Pride 91 Mystery Box 2
9 Princess Anithea 96 Mystery Box 10
10 Fallen One 99 Dream World Item 50
Monster Arena

Defeat the final boss will receive items for level 83+ players.

-Level 93+ players: Dream World Ring(1/6 chance if not in possession), lvl 97+ Dream World item

-Level 90+ players: Drow Ring (1/6 chance if not in possession), lvl 95+ Drow item

-Level 83+ players: lvl 93+ Greater Fallen item


While the list shows that the monster is a certain level, the monster actual level when in the arena is minus one. For example, the Time Bunny is actually level 59 when battling.