The Magic Elf is a NPC randomly encountered during exploration. When encountered, she offers to sell the player
Magic Elf Mug
an Enchant Potion for a "small" (i.e., quite exorbitant) price. She can be attacked, in which case she is two levels above the player. When the option fight is chosen, the Magic Elf will be attackable. If the player decides to buy the potion, she will give it to him with some experience (and unlike the Dust Merchant's wares, the potion always works). She is quite difficult for many players to defeat, but the player can often (~25% chance?) get a potion for free if the Elf is defeated. Because of her powerful Weaken aura, the player's Ally can end up actually doing the lion's share of the damage on her.



"Hi [Player Type]! Aren't you lucky? I got some enchance potions that i can give to you for a small price!"

"You are going to regret this!" - when the player attacks her


  • Retreat Teleport

The Magic Elf disappears - when the player defeats her

  • Frozen Firestorm (~ 1400 - 1600 damage)

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