None Lysiana is a demon boss encountered in Demon Gates's Ice Gate after defeating 99 other demons. Extremely powerful foe and it will take multiple attacks from guild members.

Skills ListEdit

  • Normal Attack (~2500-3000 damage)
  • Cold Stare (~7000-8000 damage)
  • Frozen Hell (~17000-18000 damage)
  • Counter Spell: "Your opponent used a counterspell and immediately cancels your [guard/shield/aim]"

Damage values based on character level 51.


"You were knocked into oblivion... Guardian of Dreams resurrected you."

"Lysiana, Queen of Ice has been defeated"


  • Store your coins in the bank or donate to your guild, and since you have no coins to take, the Guardian heals you for free when you are defeated.
  • Your inventory is not visible during battle, but you can still use items by accessing the inventory tab, or by using the number key shortcuts (1-5).
  • If you cannot heal, keep a mixture of fairy dust and health potions in your inventory and bank during battle to avoid defeats and save energy.
  • If you do not have a premium ally, watch your ally's happiness!


  • The player who opened the gate receives a level 60 Demon weapon or Demon armor.
  • The player (other than above) that dealt the most damage to the boss also receives a level 60 item.
  • The next four players (other than above) who dealt the most damage to the boss receive level 56-59 items.
  • Remaining players receive coins based on amount of damage dealt.
  • Everyone who damaged the boss receives 3750 experience for each point of damage.
  • For defeating an orb gate, item rewards will be greater demon items of level 60-64.