The Lake Demon is a possessed boss found in the marsh outside Lakeview. After reaching level 51, players may rarely encounter this boss when exploring the marsh. Its level is always three above the player, and it has a minimum of 200,000 HP at level 54, increasing by 50,000 every level. If it kills you can't continue the fight and will just have to wait until it shows up again. It can also be found in the Monster Arena with its level as 64.

The 200,000 HP at level 54 appears to be wrong, as it was seen with 370,000+ hp by a lvl 54 player on Feb. 15 2012.

200,000 HP at level 54 refers to the monster's level, not the player's. However, the above line has been kept, as its HP still deviates from the norm for that player level, which is 350,000 HP.

Skills ListEdit

  • Normal Attack (~1500-3500 damage)
  • Demon Teeth (~4500-8000 damage)
  • Demon Breath (~6000-10000 damage)

Damage values based on character level 64.


"Yikes! This boss has been possessed!" (said by the game upon meeting any possessed boss)

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