Two areas are accessible, one with a boss available, with the remaining two hidden.

Isendel 2

All main areas are accessible, and the next Hell Gate opens in 15 minutes.

Isendel is the third expansion area, and becomes accessible at level 66 after completing the basic game. Its four areas are accessed simply based on level, but there is a cost to reaching the island itself. Isendel is the island home of the elves in Dream World. It is preceded by the Alien Portal and followed by the fourth expansion area, Mystic Hall.

To reach Isendel the player must pay a fee of 2,000,000,000 coins and 10 energy, or no coins and 5 energy if the player has the Crystal Ring. The Orc Ring grants more energy, but cannot be used to access Isendel.

Areas Edit

Isendel has four main areas which are accessed based on level. Each of these areas functions like a normal dungeon on the mainland, and all the NPCs and other random encounters are available. Each area has five enemies of different levels, and enemies more than two levels above the player will not appear.

Each area has a separate rage counter. Rage increases by 1% for every four enemies defeated. It can also be increased by 25% by throwing 1,000,000,000 coins into a Wishing Well and by 100% by paying 6 gems to the Little Imp. When rage reaches 100% the boss of that area will appear.

There is also a special fifth area called Hell Gate. To gain access the player must defeat Queen Haderon, the boss of Tree Palace, with at least 10% damage. In this area the enemies are the seven deadly sins, and the player must defeat 100 of them alone to fight the boss.

Rewards Edit

All players in the same guild may participate in killing the enemies and the bosses. Damage on the bosses is cumulative from all members. After the boss is defeated, the participants receive rewards. The five players who did most damage against the boss, provided they did 10% or more, each get an item, and others receive coins relative to damage. Everyone also receives experience for damage caused to the boss.

For Neocorn King the item rewards are crystal weapons or armor, pre-enchanted 8 times. For Crystal Lord the item rewards are greater crystal weapons or armor. For Elderonoak the item rewards are also greater crystal items, but pre-enchanted 8 times. For Queen Haderon the item rewards are xyphite weapons and armor.

For the Fallen, the boss of Hell Gate, damage is cumulative from all players in Dream World. The seven players who did most damage against the boss get greater fallen weapons or armor. Lesser fallen items may drop randomly in every encounter with the Fallen, regardless of damage.

Background Image Edit

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