Ice Queen Lysiana, boss of the Ice Gate.

The Ice Gate is one of the areas in the expansion Demon Gates. It can be opened with a key, or by making an offering of 666,666,666 coins or 6 gems. A more powerful gate can be opened with a demon orb, which can be obtained from a rare drop by demons, or from a mystery box.

Each gate contains 20 demons and a gate boss, or 99 and a boss if in guild. The boss HP is also doubled if in guild. Since most players encounter these bosses as guild members, the table below lists the HP when in guild. The boss HP also seems to vary, the reason for this is not known but may be dependent on the number of players in guild when the gate is opened.


Name Normal gate Orb gate
Ice Giant Level: 56 60
HP: 24,200 48,400
Ice Succubus Level: 56 60
HP: 24,500 49,000
Ice Golem Level: 56 60
HP: 25,000 50,000
Ice Sorceress Level: 56 60
HP: 23,000 46,000
Ice Dragon Level: 56 60
HP: 25,600 51,200
(Gate boss)
Level: 60 64
HP: 1,000,000 10,000,000

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