The Girl in Red


The Girl in Red is a NPC randomly encountered during exploration; a grown-up version of the classic Little Red Riding Hood. When encountered, the player can choose to fight her or the talk to her. She is one level above the player's level. If the player chooses (by clicking accept) to talk to her, she will give the player a quest to kill a certain amount of monsters, or another NPC encountered while exploring (namely, either The Gambler or The Wiseman). The reward is either money or a weapon or armor.

Unlike the other NPCs, the Girl in Red takes offense at being attacked. At first she scowls when she sees you, and does not give you a quest. If attacked enough times, the Girl in Red will attack you immediately when she sees you. This can be reversed by repeatedly running from fights with the Girl in Red and repeatedly attacking the Little Imp (who sometimes gives the player a quest to defeat her).

Note: By running away from her it means to choose the TOWN MAP Menu, NOT engaging in a fight and then choosing to run.


  • Normal Attack (~ 50 - 325 damage)
  • Pepper Spray (~ 100 - 475 damage)
  • Super Uzi SMG (~ 500 - 800 damage)


"You attack a defenseless girl?"

"You will regret this!"

"It's payback time!"