Gems are the secondary currency after normal coins. It allows the player to buy special items and bonuses for the player to use. Gems can be exchanged with the Guardian for the certain items.

Although the player starts out with 20 gems, this is insufficient to buy any of the items, though you may buy learning points, skill points, coins or energy from the starting amount.

Buying gems Edit


Gem Package in Guardian shop.

Gems may be bought using payments methods as credit cards, through phone or with paypal. The player may also obtain these by participating in special actions or buying products as virus scans and prepaid phones.

  • Players can recieve 6 FREE gems every 5 days through the daily chest. This is done by logging everyday and getting an active player bonus.

Obtaining Gems from Crystals Edit

White and Pink crystals

Pink Crystals (5 traded for 6 gems)and White Crystals (5 traded for 20 gems)

Certain crystals may be traded in for gems.

  • 5 pink crystals = 6 gems
  • 5 white crystals = 20 gems

Permanent Purchases [May be purchased only once] Edit

Premium Items

A few premiums items including Genius 1 Day, Protection Charm, Heroic 1 Day, and Time Capsule

Item Effect Price (Gems)
Protection Charm +20% Block Chance 32
Cap of Wisdom +25% Fighting Experience 28
Royal Crown +3 Constitution 21
Hercule's Guantlets +3 Strength 21
Hermes' Boots +3 Quickness


Smart Glasses +3 Intelligence 21
Nimble Necklace +3 Dexterity 21
Magic Pick Unlock Chests


Puzzle Decoder Unlock Puzzles 32
Invisible Cloak Avoid Arena, Hits First 21
Time Capsule* +30 Maximum Energy 36
Skill Capsule* +50 Maximum SP 28

(*)Can be found in Mystery Box

Premium AlliesEdit

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 7.19.42 PM

These are four of the Premium Allies. Valkyrie, Lilith, Elf Princess, Alien Lord

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 7.23.58 PM

These are four of the Premium Allies. Demon Wings, Angel Wings, High Priestess, Firebird

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 7.26.40 PM

These are two of the Premium Allies. White Dragon, Dark Horse

Pets Effects Price (Gems)
Dark Horse Skills: dark breath, phantom block, soul slayer 16
White Dragon Skills: psionic blast, frozen shield, stalactite rain 26
Firebird Skills: flame storm, restoration, meteor shower 21
High Priestess Skills: rejuvenate, divine vengeance, greater heal 30
Demon Wings Skills: void storm, restore health, demon shield 32
Angel Wings Skills: angel shield, justice, angel tears 34
Alien Lord Skills: delta blast, alpha shield, copy 40
Elf Princess Skills: protection, renewal, weaken 45
Valkyrie* Skills: protect aura, revitalize, weaken 50
Lilith* Skills: protect aura, wingshield, copy 56
Princess Eli** Skills: beauty, mermaid's kiss, weaken 60
Huntress** Skills: visionscope, nanoshield, copy 64

(*) Can only be obtained after level 60 (**) Can only be obtained after level 75


Status Effects Price (Gems)
Banker's Guild More Inventory Space (enables you to store items in the bank),
ability to store allies, bonus exp, and free deposits
Additional Storage 5 extra bank storage slots (Up to total 30 slots) 32
Bankers Guild

Bankers Guild

Extra Storage

Extra Storage for the Bankers Guild

Temporary PurchasesEdit

Item Effect Price (Gems)
Genius 1 Day* +100% Fighting Experience 9
Genius 7 Day +100% Fighting Experience 34
Heroic 1 Day* +50% Damage 9
Heroic 7 Day +50% Damage 34

(*)Can be found in Mystery Boxes

Gem Ratio - KongregateEdit

Kreds Gems

Gems (Events)

Ratio Ratio (events)
25 12 - 0.48 -
50 25 30 0.50 0.60
100 50 60 0.50 0.60
200 110 130 0.55 0.65
500 285 340 0.57 0.68
950 575 685 0.61 0.72
1900 1200 1450 0.63 0.76
2900 2000 - 0.69 -

Mystery Box Gem Items

Obtaining the Skill Capsule Premium Item from a mystery box