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There are three types of weapon skills in Dream World. Characters learn these skills through training. You might unlock skills if your meet the intelligence attribute requirement. You can also unlock new professions as well by raising weapon skills.


Most of skills are either offensive skills that will do extra damage or recovery skills that will heal your character. The damage for sword and gun offensive skill will be based on the level of the skill and your attack rating. Just like normal sword and gun attacks, your average damage range will be higher if your skill level is closer to your character level. The damage and heal amount of magic skill is based on the level of the skill, your character's level, and your intelligence and dexterity attributes.

What skills you have available in combat depend on your equipped weapon. You may change weapons in the middle of combat to change which skills you can use.

Descriptions of skills are shown as Skill Name: (Skill point cost to use, IQ to learn)

Sword Skills: SP/IQ Description
Lightning Blade 1/6 You dash toward your opponent and slash him with your weapon at the speed of lightning.
Cross Slash 3/6 You cut through your opponent and slash him again from another angle forming an X.
Return Blade 6/7 Your sword flies out of your hand toward your enemy like an arrow, passing through your target twice before returning to your hand.
Whirlwind 9/7 Spinning around your enemy like a whirl wind, you attack him from every possible angle.
Guard 12/8 You changed your stance to be more defensive, increasing your chance to parry your opponent's attack.

Your chance of parrying is increased by 15% (Separate die roll from Protection Charm, Class Bonus, or Sword bonus).

Sword Dance 16/8 Your sword dances around and through your foe.
Flower Blade 21/9 Your sword swing through your enemy as if you are slicing off the petals from the flower falling from the sky.
Rain Dance 26/10 Leaping above your foe, you thrust your sword downward hundred times in a flash, as if swords are raining down on your opponent.
Eternal Blade 32/11 You hit your opponent with your sword with endless times.
Zodiac 38/12 Your sword is swinging at the speed of light, drawing the 12 signs of zodiac using your opponent as drawing board.
Dark Side of the Moon 45/12 You dash forward with your sword, with infinite momentum you launched your opponent into space to the dark side of the moon
Banish Dance 60/*

You dance around your opponent, banishing them from the plane of existence with your sword.

This skill gives a +15% block against post-game (level 51+) bosses on a separate die roll from your normal block.

*Requires Devil Slayer Class

Magic Skills: SP/IQ Description
Flame Arrow 1/8 You point your finger at the fool standing before you. An arrow of flame shoots out toward the target as you mutter the simple phrase.
Ice Needles 2/9 You stretch out an arm, hand forming a claw. Five icicles form in your palm and dash toward your target at your command.
Magic Anvil 4/10 You snap your fingers, and a gigantic anvil falls from the sky right on top of the enemy.
Light Heal 6/11 You suddenly feel healthier as warmth flows through your body.
Implosion 9/11 You focus all your life's anger on your opponent. The target suddenly implodes as deadly flames consume them.
Shield 12/12 Modifying the graviton charges around you, you managed to construct a temporary globe of protection around you for this battle.
You feel more protected. Stops 50% of all damage from mobs and PVP.
Sub-zero 17/12 All source of energy moves away from your target, creating a sub-zero temporal field around your enemy.
Heal 21/13 You feel much better as a surge of energy rush through you.
Volcanic Eruption 26/13 A volcano forms right beneath your enemy, molten lava burst out from the crater sending your foe hundred feet into the air.
Maelstrom 33/14 Dark clouds form above the one opposing you, as thousands of hail balls and a hundred thunder bolts strikes down.
Greater Heal 39/15 You use your expertise of elements to mend your wounds.
Inferno 45/15 All before you turns pitch black... a moment later it's light again, lit by the flames of 9 hells that is burning through your opponent.
Divine Light 60/*

You raise your staff to summon a powerful divine light to demolish your opponent.

This skill gives a +20% absorb (shield) against post-game (level 51+) bosses.

*Requires Divine Staff Class.

Gun Skills: SP/IQ Description
Critical Shot 1/6 You perform a critical shot with your weapon.
Vital Shot 3/6 You fire at your opponents vital spots.
Heartseeker 6/7 A bullet hits right through the heart of your enemy.
Burst Spray 9/7 You open fire multiple times by holding the trigger before your foe can react.
Aim 13/8 You moved to a position with a better aim at your opponent, making sure you do not miss and improve critical hit rate.Your aim has become better.
Crucifixion 18/8 You send a burst of fire toward the limbs and the center of your opponent, as if to pin your enemy on a cross.
Devil Spray 23/9 With a long burst of fire you manage to draw the mark of the devil on your opponent.
Angel Wings 29/10 Using your target as drawing board, you use bullet holes to draw an angel.
Living Anatomy 36/11 With your knowledge of the enemy's anatomy you send a burst hitting all the crucial and vital spots.
Attack Unending 45/12 Forcing your opponent back as long as you could, you held down the trigger and refuse to release it, the burst never seem to end.
Big Bang 60/*

You charge up your gun and then blast your opponent with the power of the "Big Bang".

This skill gives a +30% critical against post-game (level 51+) bosses (overcrit damage outside of cap).

*Requires Big Shot Class.

Jester Skill: SP/IQ Description
Call Bunnies 60/*

You summon a group of killer bunnies to attack your unfortunate opponent.

This skill gives a + 5% weaken (stacks with ally), + 5% guard, and +5% critical against post-game (level 51+) bosses.

*Requires Jester Class to use - available with all weapon.

Damage values will vary depending on the character's skills, weapon, opponent's armor, etc.

Special Skills Edit

Each skill type has a special skill. There is a "guard" sword skill, which increase chances of blocking. The "aim" gun skill increases accuracy and critical hit rate and decreases your opponent's block rate. The "shield" magic skill will reduce the amount of damage you receive in combat. These special skills are useful for long combat fights, such as arena fights, although bosses above level 50 will always counter.

Classes Edit

Dream World begins by allowing its player to choose from three available classes - the knight, the ranger, or the mage.

You can view and change your class by clicking on the "classes" tab in the "character" menu. Each class will have a set of bonuses associated with them. The higher the requirement to unlock a class, the greater the benefit.

  • The Knight - You are a sword-wielding knight, defending the world from darkness.
  • The Ranger - You are a famous gun-slinger, cleaning the world of evil-doers.
  • The Mage - You are a master of dark arts, and using it to protect righteousness.

4 New ultimate classes (available to level 75+ players with required skill levels).
** Divine Blade - requires level 90 sword skill
** Mega Bang - requires level 90 gun skill
** Divine Sage - requires level 90 magic skill
** Dragonlord - requires level 80 in all combat skills

  • Magic Talisman and the one-use level 90 skills
    ** Use the Magic Talisman, a rare relic (non-consumable), to perform 90 skills.
    ** Magic Talisman drops from mystery boxes at 1% chance, but only for player using the new ultimate classes.
    ** PVE use only (not available in PvP including Mystic War)
    ** Can only use once per battle
    ** Costs 300 sp to cast and you must have level 90 skill in the current weapon (or level 80 in all
    ** When press use on the talisman, effect is based on weapon held
    ** Gun/bows: Endless Nova: 5x big bang damage
    ** Sword: Soul Dance: 3-6x devil dance damage depends number of round fought. Damage increases by 10% per round, maxing at 21 rounds. (dolls reset this number)
    ** Magic: Divine Aurora: 3-5x divine light damage depending current hp (lower higher), plus instant full heal

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