is one of the main aspects of the game. It allows the player to explore or fight in the Arena, which again allows the player to gain experience, coins and quests.

Gaining Energy Edit

Energy may be gained by random events, waiting 4 minutes(6 minutes in the facebook), or buying it from the Guardian (Free til lvl 61) . You can also gain energy by giving your friends Dream Stones (one energy per stone). It is possible to recharge energy using Mists at each town's healer

Spending Energy Edit

You may spend energy to perform actions such as exploring areas like The Marsh, or fighting in the Arena against other players.

Energy Cap Edit

The highest maximum energy that could be reached is 259.

  • 24 Basic Energy
  • 40 from Class
  • 10 from Bankers Guild
  • 30 from Time Capsule (Premium Item)
  • 55 from badges (15*1+20*2)
  • 100 from Positronic Ring

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