Easter bunny

There was a very special event on Easter '11. It was a four-day +50% more experience and coins per battle that also added a new random event: The Easter Bunny. When you met it, as a prize, you could take an Easter Egg from its basket.

The egg had the same function as a mystery box, where you could find:

  • Stat pills
  • Any of the 3 keys and orbs
  • Heroic and genius 1 Day
  • All types of crystals
  • 15 energy
  • Full energy recharge
  • Skill points - half or complete recharge (added to current amount)
  • Skill and time capsules

Also rare items and with level requirements:

  • Crystal ring
  • Alien ring

With this event guardian had an "Easter Sale": Buying gems from 475 (685 with 210 bonus) to 950 (1450 with 500 bonus) you get a free Alien Ring.

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