For Facebook and Myspace

The Dream Party was the guild for Facebook and Myspace, but is now the elite of your guild by only hand picking only friends compared to random members (unknown people). While there is no cost to start the guild compared to Kongregate, the guild must have more than one and a maximum of ten mem
Facebook Guild
bers including yourself. For every member, there are benefits in:
  • Increased energy
  • Increased experience
  • Increased chance of more help in battles
  • Increased daily free coins

Party MembersEdit

Ranked MembersEdit

Nine friends can be invited, added, messaged, or rejected as party members. When the first member is added into the party, you will be automatically added as Master.

Rank Additional Bonus
Master 15 maximum energy
Advisor 3 maximum energy
General 3 maximum energy
Colonel 3 maximum energy
Major 3 maximum energy
Captain 5% fight experience
Commander 5% fight experience
Lieutenant 5% fight experience
Sergeant 5% fight experience
Cadet 5% fight experience

Virtual MembersEdit

They can only bought with gems (1 member for 8 gems; 5 members for 32 gems). They do not require a ranked space in the guild, but increases the maximum energy of the user by 3 per member.


Gifting Crystals
Facebook Dream Stone

There are six (initially three) different giftable type of crystals:

  • Green (one of the initial three)
  • Red (one of the initial three)
  • Yellow (one of the initial three)
  • Golden
  • Dream
  • Lucky
Gifting Dream StoneEdit

The stones can only be sent to active dreamers. Sending the stone gives energy to the sender and the reciever gains energy when the stone is used. The dream stone does not require any inventory space.

Battle InterventionEdit

Party Attack
Party Block

Your allies are sometimes able to help attack and/or defend you during battles.


"Bug Catcher"Edit

Occurance Daily per friend
Facebook Bug Catcher
Description A friend would have a bug in their dream and you are asked to catch it. The bug floats around on the screen and you have to click on it.
Reward Coins (can be shared)


  • Guilds are more directed at self than towards a whole group

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