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The Dragon is an Ally that you might encounter in The Volcanic Cavern (and possibly in other areas). You have the ability to name it freely at your choice.

Skills Edit

  • Lvl 31: Vicious Bite (300-500 damage)
  • Lvl 39: Double Claw (500-700 damage)
  • Lvl 47: Frozen Breath (600-800 damage)
  • Lvl 49: Flame (500-900 damage)
  • Lvl 60: Extreme Heat (2000-2200 damage)

Quote Edit

"The cute dragon glides down to offer you a ride on its wings."

Skill Progression Edit

1 2 3 4
Vicious Bite 300 330 360 ?
Double Claw 360 396 432 468
Frozen Breath 440 484 528 572

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