emon Wings is normally a purchased ally, but you can get it for free by unlocking a Hard Demon Castle with a Demon Gate Orb, and after the player and his guild defeat the unlocked castle's boss.

The free Demon Wings is exactly the same as the purchased Demon Wings.

Getting the free Demon WingsEdit

There are two ways of using a Demon Orb:

First method:

  • Get to level 51.
  • Enter a Demon Gate.
  • Kill demons until a Demon Orb drops. The chance of this happening is very low.
  • Open up a new gate with the Demon Orb. This new gate is much harder.
  • When the orb-opened gate boss is defeated, you will get your Demon Wings when your reward is claimed.

Second method:

  • Get to level 51.
  • Get ice orb, fire orb or thunder orb in Mystery Box.
  • Use orb to open an orb gate.
  • Kill the harder demons and the harder boss.
  • Once the boss is dead, collect your prize and you will get your Demon Wings.

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