To doEdit

  • Talk to Master Williams in Mount Killjoy to begin the Demon Slayer quest.
  • Open 3 demon gates.
  • Return to Master Williams. (Mount Killjoy) He will tell you "The demons in the normal gates are too weak. Can you help me open 1 more powerful gate by finding and using orbs that drop inside the normal gates?"
  • Open 1 demon gate using an Orb. (You can get an orb as a drop from the pre-boss demons in the demon gates, or from a mystery box.)
  • Return to him for your reward.


Demon Ring max energy +12

And for the first time! YOU get Free premium Ally >>> DEMON WINGS

(In fact, if you opened a gate with an orb before you used 3 keys, the quest does not end when you use the third key BUT you get the Demon Wings Ally immediately. In order to close the quest and get the ring, you must use an orb after the third key. Thus, you can get the Demon Wings Ally sooner than the Demon Ring.)

Done second time you get

... experience

... coins


What is the difference in the gates? Different bosses, with different amount of health. The orb gate has much stronger demons, and the boss has 10 times the health. However, the orb-boss' drops are worth 4-5 times as much.

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