Demon Captain

The Demon Captain, found in the forest outside Emerald City.

The Demon Captain is a possessed boss found in the forest outside Emerald City. After reaching level 61, players may rarely encounter this boss when exploring the forest. Its level is always three above the player, and it has a minimum of 700,000 HP at level 64, increasing by 50,000 every level.

Skills ListEdit

- Normal (approximately 1.7k or more)

- Demon Stab (approximately 4.5k or more)

- Demon Whip (approximately 10k or more)

Please note that these calculations could be incorrect.


Yikes! This boss 'has been possessed! (said by the game upon meeting any possessed boss)Edit


Use Mage with Lvl 60 skill level (recomended) and use Greater Heal most of the time for survival and Divine Light (high damage +20% absorb (shield) against post-game bosses) for less damage

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