The Arena is a special area found in the towns on the mainland, where players level 4 and above can fight each other for coins and fame. Challenging an opponent in the arena costs 2 energy points.

Winning/Losing Edit

The player is allowed to chose an opponent from a list of other players who are neither in his guild nor in an allied guild. The player will appear on other players' arena lists as well, even if he is offline. When a player is the one attacked rather than the attacker in an arena battle, it is called "Passive fighting" and the results of the battle will appear on the player's homepage. Challenging a player in the arena works the same as a normal battles, though it should be expected to be a more difficult fight.

When fighting enemies in the arena on Facebook you'll be able to see their Facebook profile photo, while other hosting sites will simply display your opponent's class icon.

On the arena starting screen, you can set default greetings for when a fight is started and for when you are defeated.