Allies are special NPCs. Some are encountered randomly during exploration, while Premium allies can be purchased for gems or gained through a quest. They will assist you in a fight by healing or shielding you and attacking the enemy.

List of alliesEdit

Encountered allies
Name Area encountered Abilities Icon
Skill name Type Learned Level
Kitten Lakeview, The Marsh Razor claws attack 4 Kitten
Guardian's aid heal 12
Shadow images attack 20
Puppy Junkton, The Sewers Vicious Bite attack 7 Puppy
Hunter's Pal block 15
Feat of the Jackal attack 23
Pony Emerald City, The Forest Raging Stomp attack 10 Pony
Stampede attack 18
Nightmare attack 26
Priestess Emerald City, Thieves Hideout Minor Heal heal 13 Priestess
Divine Justice attack 21
Divine Grace heal 29
Unicorn Oceana, The Beach Horning attack 16 Unicorn
Charging Thunder attack 24
Unicorn Tears heal 32
Robot Metreon, Robot Factory Robot Arms attack 19 Robot
Twin Lasers attack 27
Rockets attack 35
Soldier Metreon, Rebels HQ Burst Spray attack 22 Soldier
Grenade attack 30
Comrade Guard block 38
Phoenix Phoenix, The Desert Flame Burst attack 25 Phoenix
Regeneration heal 33
Flame Shield block 41
Alien Phoenix, Base 13 Void Blast attack 28 Alien
Mind Blast attack 36
Dark Eclipse attack 44
Dragon Mount Killjoy, Volcanic Cavern Vicious Bite attack 31 Dragon
Double Claw attack 39
Frozen Breath attack 47
Premium allies
Name Cost level requirement Abilities Icon
Skill name Type Learned Level
White Dragon 26 Gems - Psionic Blast attack 4 White Dragon
Frozen Shield block 12
Stalactite Rain attack 20
Dark Horse 16 Gems - Dark Breath attack 4 Dark Horse
Phantom Block block 12
Soul Slayer attack 20
High Priestess 30 Gems - Rejuvenate heal 4 High Priestess
Divine Vengeance attack 12
Greater Heal heal 20
Firebird 21 Gems - Flame Storm attack 4 Firebird
Restoration heal 12
Meteor Shower attack 20
Demon Wings 32 Gems - Void Storm attack 4 Demon Wings
Restore Health heal 12
Demon Shield block 20
Angel Wings 34 Gems - Angel Shield block 4 Angel Wings
Justice attack 12
Angel Tears heal 20
Elf Princess 45 Gems level 40 Protection block 4 Elf Princess
Renewal heal 12
Weaken special attack 20
Alien Lord 40 Gems level 40 Delta Blast attack 4 Alien Lord
Alpha Shield block 12
Copy special attack 20
Valkyrie 50 Gems level 60 Protect Aura shield 4 Valkyrie
Revitalize heal 12
Weaken special attack 20
Lilith 56 Gems level 60 Protect Aura shield 4 Lilith
Wingshield block 12
Copy special attack 20
Princess Eli 60 Gems level 75 beauty special skill 4 Princess Eli
mermaid's kiss heal 12
Weaken special attack 20
Huntress 64 Gems level 75 Visionscope special skill 4 Huntress ally
Nanoshield block 12
Copy special attack 20
Gabriella 75 Gems level 90 Teleport special skill + block 4 Gabriella
Protect Aura shield 12
Weaken special attack 20
Guardian 72 Gems level 90 Megaheal heal 4 Guardian
Cancel block 12
Copy special attack 20
Fairy Queen 102 Gems level 100 Gigaheal 3X more than Megaheal 4 Fairy Queen
Protect Aura shield 12
Magic Shield block 20
Belial 110 Gems level 100 evilness 15% base damage bonus 4 Belial
dragon howl block 12
copy special attack - Higher trigger than others 20

Two of the Premium allies can be obtained through quest. Demon Wings will be awarded for opening a demon gate with an orb. The Alien Lord is awarded very rarely for fighting the Alien Mothership. Rumors persist of encountered allies being able to evolve into Premium allies when they reach a high level, such as a Dragon evolving into a White Dragon, but these are false.

The last eight Premium allies have a level requirement which must be met before they are available to buy.

Weaken is a special attack which, apart from causing formidable damage, increases the damage the enemy takes from all future attacks by 10%. It stacks with itself three times.

Copy is a special attack which duplicates an offensive skill used by the player, causing 25% of the damage or three times the basic attack damage of the ally, whichever is greater. It has a 50% chance of being used when the player uses an offensive skill.

Analysis of Weaken vs Copy on AI MS

Beauty is a special passive skill that increases experience bonus. This bonus applies even when the pet is not equipped.

Visionscope is a special passive skill that increases damage. This bonus only applies when the pet is equipped.

Teleport is a special passive skill that allows free travel to Isendel. This bonus applies even when the pet is not equipped.

Happiness (Morale)Edit

It's important to keep encountered allies happy as they will not use their specials nearly as often at lower happiness. However, as the happiness never alls to 0%, the ally will not leave. Every time the player is defeated, the ally's happiness falls by 5%. Happiness is increased by 1% for each enemy defeated and can also be raised by 25% by spending 1 energy on "bond". A player's free daily bonus can also increase their ally's happiness.

Premium AlliesEdit

Premium allies have some advantages over encountered ones. First, their happiness is always 100%. They also cannot be lost once obtained, even if you switch to another ally you can always switch back to the Premium ally in the ally screen. Finally, they will always have your level when you start using them. Should they fall behind, you can simply switch to another ally and back to the Premium ally to set its level back to yours, immediately after gaining a level.

Items For AlliesEdit

  • Ally Skill Book
  • Ally skills can be trained up to lvl 21 using an ally skill book starting at 100 percent chance of success dropping all the way down to 3 percent at lvl 21 , before level 21 failures will raise the specific skill you are working on by 5 percent just like weapons. But, at lvl 21 it stays at a 3 percent chance no matter whether you fail or not. The maximum skill level for an ally skill can be raised to 30.


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