Alien Portal

The portal is closed, and the player does not have the Demon Ring.

Alien Portal 2

The portal is open, and the counters show the number of remaining aliens, the boss HP and remaining time.


The scorpionesque alien queen Nahazir, boss of the Alien Portal.

Alien Portal is the second expansion area, and becomes accessible at level 56 after completing the basic game. It consists of a single area, which needs to be opened before it can be accessed, and is thus a dungeon in itself. It is preceded by the Demon Gates and followed by the third expansion area, Isendel.

Opening the portal requires an offering of 2,500,000,000 coins or 6 gems, or 2 points of constitution if the player has the Demon Ring once every 24 hours. Using the Demon Ring and buying back the constitution is cheaper until level 75. After opening the portal must be completed within 24 hours or it closes without any rewards.

Each portal has 20 aliens, 99 if in guild, and a boss. The boss has an attack that hits extremely hard, and will not be survivable without a level close to the boss and high constitution.

The aliens in the portal are always one level above the player, capped at 65. Their HP increases by 1000 each level.

Enemies Edit

Name Level HP Abilities
Alien Scout 57 57,500 Vaporize
65 65,500
Alien Scientist 57 56,500 Analzye
65 64,500
Alien Fighter 57 59,500 Lazer Blast
65 67,500
Alien Assassin 57 58,000 Heartstab
65 66,000
Alien Timelord 57 57,000 Time Drain
65 65,000
Alien Witch 57 56,000 Void Storm
65 64,000
(Portal boss)
68 25,000,000 Head Bite, Black Hole

Rewards Edit

Once a portal is opened, all members in the same guild may participate in killing the aliens and the boss. Damage on the boss is cumulative from all members. After the boss is defeated, the participants receive rewards. The player who opened the portal and the five players who did most damage against the boss each get an item, and others beyond the first five receive coins relative to damage. Everyone also received experience for damage caused to the boss.

The item rewards are either Alien weapons or armor. Only lesser alien items of up to level 68 can be received as rewards from the Alien Portal.

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