"Watch out for the "Omega Beam" attack from the ship which will knock you unconscious. "


Alien Lord

The Alien Mothership is a random boss encountered when defending the cities of Dream World. It is an extremely powerful foe, requiring numerous attacks from multiple guilds to defeat it.
Alien Mothership heavy damage

Alien Mothership after heavy damage

Skills ListEdit

  • Attack (900-1650 damage)
  • Delta Ray (11500-14500 damage)
  • Omega Beam (2500000 damage)
  • Counter Spell: "Your opponent used a counterspell and immediately cancels your [guard/shield/aim]"

NOTE: The damage includes armour, critical, but not the other points; based on level 60 Big Shot.

From turn 10 onward, the Mothership attacks solely with its omega beam. The only way to survive that blast is to block it. The Mothership also has a low chance of dropping the premium ally Alien Lord.

The only way to find the Mothership is by beating 1-3 Aliens in the Invasion. Running away doesn't result in finding the Mothership.

The Alien Mothership has no set amount of HP. Rather, regardless of whether it takes one million or one trillion damage, the ship slowly steadily wears down over the course of the invasion cycle. The object of fighting the Alien Mothership, then, is not to defeat it per se, but to rack up as much damage as possible on behalf of one's guild.

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