The Wishing Well is an event encountered while exploring. The player has the option to either throw coins in or dive in. Diving in results in the player being rewarded with coins or, on rare occasion, losing energy instead. Throwing in coins can result in nothing, a gain of energy, a gain of double the coins that were thrown in (eg: throw in 1000 and receive it 2000 back total), a magic item or a refill of skill points. The reward for throwing coins is based on the store price of health potions at a player's current level. To be eligible for the coin or energy reward, a player must throw in an amount of coins equal to at least 1 more than half the price of a health potion. To be eligible for skill points, a player must throw in an amount of coins equal to at least one more than four times than the price of a health potion in the store.

A list of the exact coin amounts required for the wishing well can be found here. An updated copy of the spreadsheet including event coin amounts can be found here.

Fun Facts:

  • Typing in a number with formatting(1e6 or 1x10^6) results in only the initial number being used without the formatting. So, if you put 1e6 or 1x10^6, the game will throw 1 coin into the Wishing Well.
  • Typing in any text, with no numbers, will result in 0 coins being tossed in and nothing happening.