Old Box


A Puzzle Box Screen

The Puzzle Box is a random event encountered during exploration. If the player chooses to open it, they'll have to solve a puzzle in order to earn coins and experience. There are 2 types of puzzle boxes:

  • The Minesweeper-type Box: After opening, you'll see 9 octagons. The number below a octagon indicates the number of correct answer which are adjacent to it (diagonals do not count though).

    Minesweeper Box

    For example, if there is a 0 below a octagon, it means that there are no answers around the octagon. If there's a 1 below it, it means there is one good answer around the octagon. Since there are only 4 solutions, the highest possible number which can appear is a 4.
  • The Mastermind-type Box: requires you to select a certain amount of octagons with the right colour. The metallic Puzzle Box is locked electronically, and opens when the correct sequence of colors is submitted by selecting a color for each column.

    Mastermind Box


  • X amount coins Based on the player level
  • X amount EXP Based on the player level
  • Random Stat Pill (Int, dex or spd and no more than 32)
  • Ally Skill Book
  • Guardian Doll